DroneUA is a leading integrator of unmanned technologies in Ukraine, a distributor of professional equipment for unmanned technologies and leading software products for UAVs.

Drone.UA is a national distributor of the most effective solutions in the world of robotics: XAG, EcoFlow, Pix4D, Kandao, Chasing, Flyability, MicaSense, DroneDeploy, Parrot, AgroCares, DronePort, Sniffer4D, Dobot and many other manufacturers.

Our main goal is the development of the market of unmanned technologies and robotics in the field of industrial application. Drones are, first of all, peaceful technologies that are already increasing the efficiency of enterprises in the agricultural sector, the mining industry, the energy industry, as well as other areas.

Our main capital is high expertise and quality of service, thanks to this DroneUA has become one of the key importers and distributors of professional equipment for unmanned technologies and leading software products for UAVs, more than 30% of all sales on the drone market in Ukraine are the result of DroneUA's work. The world's largest drone brands entrust us with the issue of certification, import and distribution of equipment and software on the territory not only of Ukraine, but also of Eastern Europe.

Areas of activity:

Agriculture, operational cartography, mining industry, insurance market, telecom, energy, oil and gas industry.

International cooperation:

The group of companies actively conducts foreign economic activities and develops cooperation with global manufacturers and brands: XAG, Pix4D, Chasing, DroneDeploy, Parrot, MicaSense, Dobot, etc.

With the development of international partnerships of DroneUA, foreign unmanned technologies are becoming available to Ukrainian users and local manufacturers.

Development of the Ukrainian market:

One of the key parameters of the entire activity of the group of companies is the development of the Ukrainian drone market and the economy as a whole. DroneUA closely cooperates with state structures and institutes, as well as educational institutions for the dissemination of knowledge about unmanned technology and the introduction of technology into the processes of national production.

In order to become our dealer, send us a request by e-mail: opt@drone.ua