DroneUA is not just a chance for success in the modern digital environment, but also an opportunity to introduce the latest modern technologies. Unmanned aerial vehicles are actively used in a wide variety of industries: in the energy industry, agriculture, real estate, security, law enforcement, and even in filmmaking. Our experience will help you in the shortest possible time to master the intricacies of mastery of controlling drones with maximum benefit for any type of activity. We have developed both basic options and the ability to choose a training option, following individual preferences. You will learn how unmanned aerial devices help to minimize the loss of working time and perform the assigned business tasks with cold calculation and unsurpassed quality.

We guarantee that the acquired skills will definitely be used in your commercial or creative activities.

Basic courses

Training course "UAV Control"

Drone.UA offers a training course on the basics of UAV management.

Training course "Fundamentals of agricultural monitoring"

Drone.UA offers a training course on the basics of agricultural monitoring using UAVs.

Training course "Drone data processing"

Drone.UA offers a training course on data processing from a drone for further use in geodesy and surveying

"Individual" training course

Drone.UA offers a training course according to your preferences and needs.