About the service

A terrain map (elevation map) is required for accurate field management. It allows you to specify the area of ​​the field, and accordingly, the amount of seed material, fuel and time for processing the field. The relief map allows you to identify potential problem areas, such as flood zones, areas of restricted water access, places of soil erosion, and others. With the help of a relief map, a scheme of differentiated sowing density is created, taking into account the angle of the sun and the availability of water.

The terrain map is created on the basis of scanning data from a drone and ground control points.

what we do

Work planning:

After receiving from the customer the coordinates of the contour of the object, an individual scanning plan is agreed, taking into account the location of the object (objects) and the weather.

Execution of works:

Our flight team goes to the object and conducts scanning and measurement of ground control points. Scan data is transferred to our specialists, who carry out data processing.


One flight team can process up to 2,000 hectares per day


Maps of heights and angles of inclination in SHP and KMZ formats, report in PDF format

Promptness of providing results:

48 hours after the scan

Cost of packages:

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