Distribution of Technologies

Solution store

Food Security Solutions, XAG

Solutions for energy independence, EcoFlow

International cooperation and projects

Data processing from drones and satellites

Engineering and service support

Drone services and UAV integration

Solution stores

A wide range of products, professional support of managers, qualified service and direct contracts with technology manufacturers make store.drone.ua and our other stores the #1 source for customers with various needs.

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Service Centers

On the basis of the DroneUA engineering division, authorized service centers have been opened that carry out warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment of the XAG, EcoFlow, CHASING, Flyability, etc. brands.


Flexible solutions

We provide not only industry solutions, but also comprehensive services to solve the problems of our clients


All services and solutions are provided exclusively using high-quality components and materials

Orientation to the result

The priority of our work is always the improvement of processes on the client's side, which is expressed in financial or other indicators.

Experienced team

We are more than 100 specialists with significant experience and knowledge in specialized fields.

Center for Distribution of Robotics Distribution technologies

The product portfolio of the company group includes more than 20 high-tech brands that occupy leading positions in world rankings.

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Drone services and robotics integration

In the structure of DroneUA, there are full-time teams of operators who provide qualified services using drones for a wide range of customers and perform various tasks

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Data Processing

DroneUA has its own division for processing satellite data and data obtained with the help of drones.

Engineering and installation

DroneUA has opened a center for the development of new technological solutions. The main focus of the engineering group is robotics, adaptation of unmanned technologies to new types of sensors, payloads.