DroneUA, as an official distributor of the EcoFlow brand, provides a full cycle of post-purchase support for the brand's customers, including warranty obligations, technical support, and installation of smart equipment. For a safe and high-quality installation process, contact the specialist engineers of the EcoFlow Authorized Service Center.

Two main stages of installation work:

Diagnostics - inspection of the installation site and the electrical diagram of the building/structure. Proposal and consideration of possible options for equipment installation and calculation of the general estimate of works. The cost of diagnosis: work 1000 UAH/hour + transport costs 500 UAH in Kyiv.

Installation of equipment - the departure of specialists directly to carry out electrical installation work (mounting to the wall, laying corrugation, strobe, disconnection to the shield, connecting the equipment to the load, feeding the cable of solar panels, etc.). The cost of the work is individual, specified before the start of installation.

Algorithm for submitting a request and carrying out installation work

  1. Form a request and get a consultation by phone: 0 800 20 75 77
  2. Get feedback from a specialist: clarification of the date of diagnosis and installation.
  3. Conducting diagnostics by an electrical engineer.
  4. Calculation of the cost of works.
  5. Equipment installation process.

Types of work

  • Installation of Smart Home Panel
  • Installation of the Power Kit system
  • Installation of DELTA Pro

To place a request for the installation of your EcoFlow equipment, please call: 0 800 20 75 77