Trichogramma is an insect belonging to the parasitoid family that parasitizes other insects, particularly agricultural pests. This allows Trichogramma to help control and reduce the population and harmful effects of organisms that damage crops. The introduction of Trichogramma into the field enables the management of over 70 different pest species, including cabbage and fall armyworms, meadow and corn borers, apple fruitworms, cabbage whiteflies, and others.

The genus Trichogramma includes more than 266 insect species. Today, it is the primary and most widespread biological method of plant protection.

Advantages of the technology:

Positive Biological Impact: This method of pest control preserves the natural ecosystem of the field by supporting beneficial microorganisms for plant protection.

Environmentally Friendly: There is no environmental contamination with harmful substances, ensuring the safety and health of workers.

Cost-Efficiency: The introduction of Trichogramma is significantly cheaper than chemical plant protection methods and requires minimal resources.

Implementation Simplicity: It involves straightforward laboratory breeding practices with high insect development and reproduction rates.

Efficiency: Drones enable easy local and spot treatments.

Turnkey Technology

For introduction of trichogramma i, a specialized automated system called TRIHO 2.0 is employed. It was developed from concept to small-scale production by the DroneUA team. TRIHO 2.0 is compatible with the most common multirotor drones, making Trichogramma introduction both straightforward and productive, whether on field crops or forest plantations.

TRIHO 2.0 consists of a functional module, mounting system, video and radio communication kit, and microcircuits created at the production unit of LLC "DRONE AGROSERVICE," a member of the DroneUA Group. This is achieved through the use of 3D modeling and 3D printing technology with organic plastic.

TRIHO 2.0 is an advanced device with autonomous navigation and compatibility with all major types of unmanned platforms, ranging from Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 to the Matrice series across all generations. The adaptation system allows the module to be used without modifying the platform's structure.


Key Features of the Second Generation TRIHO 2.0 Module:

  • A new, resilient spraying system capable of working with a mixture of varying humidity levels or dilution.
  • The Trichogramma release module operates autonomously.
  • It can be mounted without modifying the platform's structure.
  • Configuration via a web interface.
  • Low battery level warning.
  • Notification when the Trichogramma supply in the bunker is depleted.
  • Operation control via the quadcopter's remote controller.

Optimized Technical Specifications:

  • Payload capacity: 350 to 448 grams (depending on the drone model).
  • Productivity: up to 40-50 hectares per flight.
  • Spray speed regulation: 10-1000 mg/s.
  • Frequency control module: 2.4 GHz.
  • Power supply: 2S, 6-10 V.
  • Range of operation: 3 km.

How are we working?

  1. Work Planning: After receiving the coordinates of the plot's contour from the client, we develop an individual plan for Trichogramma introduction, taking into account the area, required Trichogramma quantity, and weather conditions.
  2. Work Execution: Our experts go to the site and conduct field treatment from the drone.
  3. Productivity: One team can treat up to 2000 hectares per day.
  4. Recommendations: Trichogramma introduction should be carried out during standard application periods when pest activity is statistically highest, as well as when pests are visibly present.
  5. Introducing Trichogramma is a resource-efficient biological control technology that offers various economic, technological, and organizational benefits.

The DroneUA team provides quality services, achieves the necessary biological effect, and offers continuous technical support.

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The production unit of LLC "DRONE AGROSERVICE" offers specialized services in:

  • 3D modeling, 3D design, 3D scanning.
  • Manufacturing products according to customer drawings, creating 3D models from samples or photos.
  • Replicating broken products.
  • Color 3D printing with gypsum on a professional 3D printer.
  • Small-scale production.
  • Modeling, development of three-dimensional equipment models, and industrial design.
  • 3D printing of spare parts, components, volumetric models, and machinery part restoration - both for individual and small-scale production.
  • Milling, etc.

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