Cartography is one of the most promising fields for the use of drones. On the basis of the data obtained from the drone, you can make orthophoto plans, height matrices of the terrain, individual objects, and so on. The use of UAVs in this area can significantly reduce material and resource costs for creating maps and terrain models.

Creating a relief map

The terrain map is created based on data from the drone and ground control points. A relief map (elevation map) is necessary for accurate management of the territory. It allows you to specify the area of ​​the field, and accordingly, the amount of seed material, fuel and time for processing the field. The relief map allows you to identify potential problem areas, such as flood zones, areas of limited water access, soil erosion sites, and others.

Creation of orthophoto plans

On the basis of the images obtained from the drone, specialists form orthophoto plans, with the accuracy and in the coordinate system that is necessary for your project in the future. They are used to create topographic maps and plans, land inventory, capital construction objects, etc.

Creation of digital relief models (DRM) 1:500, 1:2000, 1:5000, etc.

DEM is one of the constituent factors for assessing the state of the natural environment and territorial planning and is the basis for geoinformation systems. With their help, you will be able to study and assess the state of the natural environment, carry out territorial planning, model ecological situations, and make forecasts of landscape processes for your geoinformation projects.