Thanks to the use of drones in the telecommunications sector, it is possible to save on the development of ground infrastructure, as well as on the staff. Drones are able to solve many more universal tasks faster than humans. In the conditions of increasing daily growth of Internet traffic, such a choice will be more than reasonable.

Assessment of the condition of TV towers

The data obtained with the help of drones are used to check the operability of towers, search for faults, and video surveillance of repair works. This will allow to significantly reduce the time for planned control.

Radio planning and line-of-sight testing

Drones will help in planning the location of a network of towers. The technology will help identify possible obstacles to signal quality. The information obtained will serve as a basis for determining the optimal location and height of the antennas.

Emergency works

UAVs can be used both to search for damage during an emergency, and in the process of restoring the infrastructure of the telecommunications network. In some cases, drones can work briefly as mini-antennas. For this, so-called Flying COWs (Cell on Wings) are used, which are able to stay in the air, consuming electricity from a ground station via a cable.