About the service

We provide a map of agricultural crops for a certain area, for example, for an administrative district, obtained on the basis of up-to-date satellite data.

An up-to-date map of crops allows you to calculate the sown areas of various crops, which is important for solving many strategic tasks at the regional and national level, for example, forecasting the harvest, determining the required volumes of fertilizers and protective means, analyzing the reduction/increase in the area of ​​various crops, and others.

The analysis can be carried out for the purpose of mapping one specific crop (for example, a map of all winter wheat crops of the Vasylkiv district of the Kyiv region in the 2017-2018 season), several crops, or all crops.

what we do

Work planning:

At the planning stage, the territory of the study, the number of researched cultures and the terms of the works are agreed upon.

Execution of works:

Our experts classify crops based on the most up-to-date satellite data


Crop classification maps in SHP and KMZ formats, report in PDF format

Data processing performance:

10 million ha/week

Price of packages:

The cost is calculated by design