The reason for the popularity of UAVs in this field is that drones allow you to save on labor. In 5 days of inspection of one drilling rig, the drone will be able to collect data that experts receive in 8 weeks. Also, drones can be actively used at almost all stages of oil and gas production.

Geological survey

The implementation of UAV technologies will help solve basic tasks at the stage of preparation for the construction of infrastructure in the oil and gas sector. During reconnaissance, drones receive accurate data, which are then used to create 3D models, orthophoto plans, and terrain maps.

Prey control and protection

Drones will be able to conduct round-the-clock monitoring of the installations. Monitoring is also possible based on the actions of workers and contractors on the site. Drones are often used to protect objects. Equipped with infrared cameras, they will be able to patrol the territory at night. With the help of drones, the inspection will be able to control the quantity and quality of the obtained products.

Infrastructure condition assessment

With the help of UAV technologies, it is possible to optimize the monitoring of pipelines. This task is one of the most expensive - because air services are traditionally used to visualize the monitoring of main pipeline routes. With a complete inventory of the infrastructure by drones, the customer will receive complete information about entire segments of the mining complex.

Prey safety assessment

Drones will perfectly cope with the task of finding damage to installations and equipment, and will also be able to prevent the situation from worsening in time. Drones with thermal imaging and optical systems are able to detect almost all defects before the installation is put into operation. The data will serve as a basis for planning repair works