Take advantage of the use of unmanned technologies for agriculture.

If in recent years, the technologies of precision agriculture have made a revolution in agriculture, then the use of drones allows to increase the efficiency of work even more . With the help of a drone, you can get images of the highest resolution covering hundreds of hectares in one flight. You can either use Drone.UA's technical services yourself or order our services. We provide information on your fields when you need it with a much higher resolution than information received from satellites and regardless of cloud cover .

Using Drone.UA spectral sensors, you can receive information not only in the visual spectrum , but also in various spectral ranges for calculating vegetation indices or drawing up soil distribution maps.
All data are provided with exact coordinates with the possibility of detailed study and laboratory analysis

  • Operational monitoring of fields from a height of tens and hundreds of meters
  • Identification of problem areas with high accuracy and GPS binding
  • Quality control of seeding and tillage
  • Quality control of agricultural machinery
  • Differentiated application of fertilizers
  • High-precision measurement of fields taking into account the terrain
  • Counting seedlings and biological yield

Advantages of UAV technologies

UAV data

  • Accuracy - from 2cm/pixel
  • Data access – daily
  • Operability - on first demand

Satellite data

  • Accuracy - from 50 cm/pixel
  • Data access – weekly at best + dependent on cloud cover
  • Operability - depending on the priority of the order