It is difficult to overestimate the possibilities of using drones for the elimination of emergencies, as well as their averting and eliminating the consequences - UAVs are effective in situations where speed and efficiency are especially important. They save time and resources, can perform work that is dangerous for humans and inaccessible to other equipment. Searching for survivors, assessing the destruction, obtaining operational data on rescue operations - these are only some of the tasks that drones can solve.

Emergency detection

The use of drones to inform rescue services allows prompt and effective response to the situation, reducing human losses and damage.

Participation in the elimination of emergencies

With the help of a UAV, you can quickly obtain a 3D model of the terrain and a three-dimensional map, which is necessary for forecasting the dynamics of the disaster, as well as simulating the development of an emergency. Also, drones will be able to find the focus of the disaster or conduct a video broadcast to coordinate the work of rescue teams.

Search and rescue of victims

Drones help find people where neither rescue teams nor other equipment can reach. By attaching a thermal imager to a UAV, you can detect people at night, under debris, in a smoky area with poor visibility.