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Maps of water deficit make it possible to identify areas of the field in which the development of plants is reduced due to limited access to water or, conversely, its excess (flooding zones). Most often, such places are hills, meadows, old riverbeds, areas with a large percentage of sand in the soil. Localization of these zones allows you to carry out additional soil processing in the right places or to exclude problem areas from processing and thus save on seed materials, fertilizers, protection means and PMM.

Water deficit maps are created on the basis of current satellite data using spectral channels sensitive to water variations.

what we do

Work planning:

At the planning stage, the territory of the study, the researched period and the terms of the works are agreed upon.

Execution of works:

Our specialists create maps of water scarcity based on satellite data

Promptness of providing results:

Depending on the scope of work


Water deficit maps in geoTIF, SHP and KMZ formats, report in PDF format

Recommendations for use:

It is recommended to conduct a water deficit analysis at the stages of plant growth and crop formation in fields with potential water supply problems, in artificially irrigated fields, and in fields located in arid regions.

Cost of packages:

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