"Professional Union of Unmanned Journalism" (USUJ) is a non-profit union of drone operators who use UAVs to collect information, process and publish it in the media, i.e. conduct journalistic activities. This organization was created by DroneUA employees on the basis of their enterprise in 2017.

Informational and legal support for UAV operators

In the PSBZ union, we offer legal support and legal advice to UAV operators. We will conduct educational trainings and meetings of colleagues in the market.

Since our union was created on the basis of the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine (NSPU) and the European Federation of Journalists, you will be able to participate in the events of these organizations and receive support not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

What membership in the union gives:

  • Press card, which gives the right to media accreditation;
  • Legal support for UAV operators;
  • Participation in market meetings and events;
  • Media support of NMPU;
  • Protection of NMPU and the European Federation of Journalists.

Anyone who publishes in the media can become a member

Although the union was created by the employees of DroneUA, we do not limit ourselves to the protection of our employees. Anyone interested in working with unmanned technologies can join the organization! The main condition is the presence of open publications in the media.

Since the legal regulation of UAVs in Ukraine is imperfect, and many operators and journalists who collect information for publications may be prevented from carrying out their work, we invite everyone who wants to join our association.

Where did the need to create a union come from?

DroneUA is engaged in the introduction of unmanned technologies in Ukraine, in our staff there are a large number of UAV operators throughout the country who perform various tasks using UAVs. Sometimes there are unforeseen events that prevent the performance of flight work. In order to avoid similar situations, we decided to create additional protection for ourselves, which confirms the legitimacy of our work.

Drone operators are also journalists

According to the Law "On the Media" (Article 25), a journalist is a creative worker who professionally collects, receives, creates and prepares information for print media and acts on the basis of labor or other contractual relations with its editorial office or engages in such activities on its behalf authority Journalists can be both full-time employees of the editorial office and freelancers who work on the basis of a civil law contract.

Also, according to this law, a journalist can collect information by any means, if it does not contradict the laws of Ukraine. Journalists must adhere to the Code of Ethics.

Since the DroneUA company conducts active media support, cooperates with journalists, provides its materials for publications in various mass media, corporate publications of clients and independently creates research and publications in the media, our operators can be journalists, and our cell can be considered journalistic.

Cost of participation

The union works according to the model of membership fees: UAH 50 per month. Production of a press card costs UAH 50, and an international standard card costs EUR 30. All contributions and press card orders are the prerogative of our parent organization NMPU.

If you are interested in learning more about cooperation formats or if you have other organizational questions, contact the secretary of the union — Ruslana Zagnii zahnii@drone.ua

Our organization is already 5 years old, and during its existence we have developed an information base that we are ready to share with you. We are sure that together we will develop and grow even more!

Join us, because we have the right to fly!