The services and equipment of the Drone.UA company make it possible to significantly increase the efficiency of geodetic and topographic enterprises, regardless of the tasks or volumes of work. In its work, Drone.UA uses both the possibility of geographic reference of materials directly at the time of shooting, and the use of a ground system of markers. We use advanced software and this allows us to guarantee the highest quality results to our clients.

DroneUA is a team of experts with international experience in the use of advanced technologies, we are one of the TOP 20 most innovative companies in Ukraine according to Forbes. We will be happy to share our experience with you!


Using drones is the fastest way to collect geospatial information


It is economical compared to aerial photography from an airplane


The quality of the result meets the requirements of the instructions for this type of work

Drone.UA offers customers the following services for geodesy / topography:


We are convinced that the future of the entire project depends on the quality of the source material. For this, we use unmanned aerial vehicles with high-resolution cameras. The determining factor is the quality of work "in the field". We have enough experience to provide quality material for further processing.

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Creation of orthophoto plans

Based on the images obtained from the drone, our specialists create orthophoto plans with the accuracy and in the coordinate system that is necessary for your project in the future. They are used to create topographic maps and plans, land inventory, capital construction objects, etc.

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Creation of digital relief models (DRM) 1: 500, 1: 2000, 1: 5000, etc.

DEM is one of the constituent factors for assessing the state of the natural environment and territorial planning and is the basis for geoinformation systems. With their help, you will be able to study and assess the state of the natural environment, carry out spatial planning, simulate environmental situations, and make forecasts of landscape processes for your geoinformation projects.

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Creation of topographical plans

Drone.UA cooperates with certified specialists throughout Ukraine, and provides a full range of turnkey services for the creation of topographic plans of scales 1: 500, 1: 2000, 1: 5000. We have experience in performing this type of work in various software products (AutoCAD (dwg), Digitals (dmf), ArcGis (mxd, shp)

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Creation of digital terrain models and 3D models of objects

Having professional-level software at our disposal, we create digital terrain models, 3D models of objects not only for visual visualization, but also for measuring work, monitoring deformations of buildings and structures, etc., depending on the technical task

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Data collection for land inventory

Our teams collect data for the inventory, which includes preparatory, topographic-geodetic and camera work.

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