About the service

We carry out comprehensive monitoring and analysis of fields containing a large number of micro-plots and provide information about each micro-plot separately in the form of maps, illustrations and tables. The size and number of micro-sites can be anyone's.

List of indicators that can be determined for each micro-plot: number of plants, area of ​​plants, height of plants, percentage of healthy plants, percentage of yellow or dry plants, level of flowering, concentration of chlorophyll and other indicators as agreed. Scanning can be done once or on a regular basis.

The service allows you to quantitatively compare different varieties, hybrids, fertilizers, protection products, and more over time.

what we do

Work planning:

At the planning stage, a list of indicators that need to be determined and scanning dates are agreed upon.

Execution of works:

Our flight team goes to the object and scans the field from low altitudes. Scan data is transferred to our specialists, who carry out data processing.


Indicator maps in geoTIF and KMZ formats, reports in PDF format, tables in XLSX format

Promptness of providing results:

Depends on the nature of the work


Depends on the nature of the work

Price of packages:

The cost is agreed on a project basis