The DroneUA group of companies has its own engineering department, which provides professional support to customers throughout the entire life of the equipment, performs service and repair work to restore the working condition of damaged drones, portable charging stations, batteries and power generation equipment.

DroneUA is an official representative of international manufacturing plants, therefore it also ensures the fulfillment of warranty obligations regarding the maintenance of equipment, in accordance with the conditions provided by the manufacturer.

Why are we responsible for a high level of service provision?

  • We only use original spare parts and software
  • Our engineers have undergone specialized training and have certificates confirming their qualifications
  • We provide a guarantee for services performed and spare parts installed

We perform the following types of service work for drones:

  • Block and component repair of drones
  • Software updates
  • Cleaning after liquid or dust/sand
Brands of drones and equipment we repair:
  • DJI
  • XAG
  • EcoFlow
  • Chasing Innovations
  • Flyability
  • SenseFly
We perform the following types of service work for EcoFlow equipment:
  • Device recovery after moisture and physical damage
  • Software updates

How we work:

  1. If there are problems with the equipment (drone, portable charging station or other), you leave a request to our administrator at 0 800 20 75 77. Provide the manager with detailed information about the equipment model and malfunctions.
  2. The administrator registers your request and provides you with all the data for delivery of equipment for repair.
  3. Transfer of EcoFlow equipment and XAG drones, other brands: self-delivery to the service center or shipment by the transport company Nova Poshta. Address for delivery by prior agreement: Kyiv, BC Gloria, str. Brativ Chuchupakiv (Smolna) 9B.
  4. When the equipment is in the hands of our engineers, they will conduct diagnostics and agree with you the terms, cost and other details of the repair.
  5. If the conditions suit you, then the equipment is repaired and tested. After that, you pay for the repair and we return the serviceable equipment to you. Self-pickup is available from the address of the service center or by Nova Poshta.
  6. To leave a request for service, please call: 0 800 20 75 77

Warranty obligations

As an exclusive distributor, the DroneUA Group of Companies supports and ensures the fulfillment of warranty obligations regarding equipment maintenance, in accordance with the conditions provided by the manufacturer brand for the Ukrainian market.

Only official and authorized equipment in the territory of Ukraine, purchased in the official dealer network, is subject to warranty service.

Repair under warranty obligations is possible when the application took place during the warranty period, the conditions of operation were not violated and the warranty of the case was confirmed by the manufacturer.

The warranty of the case is confirmed or canceled by the manufacturer after analyzing all the collected data. DroneUA specialists send information about the case to the manufacturer for further decoding and detailed analysis. After that, the manufacturer provides a reasoned answer on the basis of which the service department forms an official decision regarding the performance of work within or outside the warranty obligation.

In order to transfer the equipment for warranty repair, you must provide complete information required to confirm the warranty case:

  • documents confirming the date and place of purchase;
  • a photo from the scene of the event, a description of what happened and at what stage, date, time and place;
  • photos of damage (for drones);
  • logs (for drones).

In order to receive advice and transfer the equipment for warranty repair, call the number: 0 800 20 75 77

Frequently asked questions


Is consultation and diagnosis provided for free?

Consultation is free. Diagnostic services are chargeable in case the client declines the repair.


How quickly will I get my equipment back?

Each repair case is unique. Repair duration depends on factors such as the availability of spare parts, complexity of the repair, our service center's workload, and the speed of your responses or agreements.


What are the conditions for warranty repairs of equipment?

Warranty services cover all XAG drones, stations, batteries, EcoFlow energy generation equipment, and other equipment of brands with which DroneUA is a partner in the Ukrainian market.


Do we provide a warranty for our services?

After the repair, we offer a 1-month warranty on the parts and services provided, except in cases individually discussed during the equipment submission for repair.