About the service

Maps of potential yield are the result of the analysis of satellite data on the condition of plants for the previous 3-5 years, which allows to distinguish in the field stable (repeated from year to year) zones of different levels of plant development.

Yield potential maps are used to adjust fertilizer rates and to compare potential yields of different fields.

what we do

Work planning:

At the planning stage, the area to be studied and the terms of the study (number of years) are agreed upon, as well as whether crop rotation will be taken into account.

Execution of works:

Our experts create potential yield maps based on satellite data for the selected period.


Map of potential yield in SHP and KMZ formats or in another format as agreed with the customer. In addition, a report on the work carried out in PDF format is provided.

Promptness of providing results:

72 hours after request

Recommendations for use:

It is recommended to conduct an analysis of the potential yield before sowing to adjust the doses of fertilizers

Cost of packages:

Calculated by design