With the introduction of UAVs in the crushing process, the efficiency and productivity of the enterprise increases many times. Some specific tasks that people work on for several weeks can be solved by a drone in a couple of days. In addition, some types of work in mines and quarries pose a serious threat to people's lives and health. With a drone on staff, the risk can be minimized.

Geographical exploration, creation of terrain maps and relief models

This is the basic direction for the use of drones. On the basis of the data obtained during fieldwork, it is possible not only to create orthofortplans, 3D models and maps of the area, but also to examine the territory for the presence of geological anomalies. In this case, such information will be very useful for planning further field work on the development and construction of the necessary infrastructure elements.

Prey control and protection

Drones can conduct almost round-the-clock monitoring of the installations. Monitoring can also be conducted based on the actions of workers and contractors on the site. Also, they are often used to protect objects - drones equipped with infrared cameras will be able to patrol the territory at night. With the help of drones, the inspection will be able to control the quantity and quality of the obtained products.

Assessment of the condition of the infrastructure and the safety of the prey

With the help of drones, it will be easier and faster to inspect quarries and mines for danger to prey. It is the time costs that are the most critical, because most often they do not want to stop work at the facilities for inspection. Therefore, drones will be able to prevent serious accidents and injuries. Equipped with special sensors, they will be able to assess the concentration of harmful substances in production, and identify the cause of emissions. Also, drones will assess the state of working equipment, which in some cases cannot be turned off and checked, will find vulnerable places in the production process.