DroneUA Academy is a practical educational platform from the market leader of unmanned solutions with the widest expertise in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Given the rapid pace of introduction of robotic technologies in various fields of activity, the number of regulatory and legislative standards is constantly increasing. This applies both to the use of airspace and to conducting specialized inspections, the use of drones to apply pesticides, and more. Faced with any innovation, companies need qualified personnel who can work with such technologies.

The purpose of DroneUA Academy is to make this knowledge and information available to the maximum number of interested persons. For this, DroneUA engages company practitioners and market experts who will reveal current topics, share exclusive experience and advanced knowledge.

Specialized course "Obtaining permits to fly a drone"

"Obtaining Drone Permits" is a series of free webinars by DroneUA Academy that aims to explain in as much detail as possible the airspace rules for drone flights.

In three videos lasting from 1.5 to 2 hours, Serhiy Drozdov, an expert in the field of airspace use, and Serhii Andrushchenko, head of the DroneUA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Operators Department, will talk about:

  • Basic international and Ukrainian regulations in the field of drone use;
  • The structure of the airspace of Ukraine and the purpose of its elements;
  • Drone flight rules and practical aspects of submitting applications for flights;
  • Features of informing about drone flights;
  • The most common types of violations when using UAV airspace;
  • Cases of the use of UAV airspace.

Video materials are supplemented with detailed presentations, which can be accessed for free after a short registration.