About the service

The classification of terrain objects may be necessary when performing many tasks, for example, when laying new fields, monitoring forestry, ecological studies, etc. Scanning from a drone allows you to create a map on which terrain objects such as trees, bushes, expensive rivers, streams, swamps and others are highlighted with centimeter accuracy. In addition, we provide a relief map and a map of the heights of objects. The service allows you to estimate the volume of work on laying out fields, track changes in the area over a certain period, study biodiversity and determine quantitative indicators of local objects (for example, the area of ​​open water). Scanning from a drone allows you to get the most up-to-date data with an accuracy of 1-2 cm

what we do

Work planning:

After receiving from the customer the coordinates of the contour of the object, an individual scanning plan is agreed upon, taking into account the location of the object (objects) and the weather.

Execution of works:

Our flight team goes to the object and conducts a scan. The scan data is transferred to our specialists who carry out data processing.


Up to 2000 hectares per day


Terrain maps in geoTIF and KMZ formats, PDF

Promptness of providing results:

72 hours after the scan

Cost of packages:

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