UAVs are often and effectively used to assess an insurance event or fix it. The DroneUA company has in its portfolio a number of projects in Europe for the introduction of drones in the field of insurance of the agricultural industry. Today, we are ready to provide comprehensive solutions for the Ukrainian insurance market.

Registration of an insurance event

Drones are able to obtain a large array of metric data in a short period of time immediately after the occurrence of an insurance event, when the account is on the clock. Therefore, any kind of speculation is impossible.

Assessment of the insured event

The technology makes it possible to estimate the exact damage from various kinds of natural disasters, such as floods, severe autumn frosts or torrential rains. At the same time, it is possible to get an estimate not only after the fact, but also to identify potential losses from destruction and exemplary resources for reconstruction.


According to your needs, we will be happy to form flight crews on the basis of your enterprise. Equipment at the most reasonable prices with a guarantee of the best conditions, specialist training and constant technical support - all this makes DroneUA's offers the best on the market. Cooperate with us!