DroneUA knows what technologies and solutions are created directly for the security sector . Our own staff of pilots allows us to perform even the most difficult jobs in the shortest possible time and experienced GIS specialists process the received data. Jobs, transport, depreciation of equipment - we take care of all these issues. We provide the possibility of obtaining information from drones , which gives the most accurate result to your enterprise. DroneUA is the leader of the drone market in Ukraine. Efficiency - first of all! Become our clients and partners!

Basic services

Industrial unmanned platforms are an ideal solution to security challenges, unlike traditional security and surveillance methods, as they provide faster, more cost-effective and more efficient data collection for quick decision-making and accurate task execution.

Organization of protective perimeters against drones

Installation of a system for recognizing unmanned devices in the air for the protection of critical infrastructure facilities. Defense systems from DroneUA allow reading data from the existing communication line between the drone and the control panel at a distance of up to 35-40 km. Thanks to this, telemetry data about the drone is collected, including its exact location, distance to the operator, flight route, serial number and other such telemetry. In the event of a violation of the perimeter of the protected territory, the system will provide law enforcement and control bodies with all the necessary information to perform operational actions.