About the service

It is difficult for large and medium-sized enterprises to manage all the works on their lands, the number of which amounts to thousands and tens of thousands of hectares. It is sometimes simply not possible to control all technological operations and processes and respond quickly to identified problem situations. The problem of control and the need for constant presence in the field is precisely what is solved with the help of complex drone monitoring services. You need an additional operational monitoring tool for visual assessment of crop condition, and throughout the season we will provide your enterprise with UAV field monitoring - You will see absolutely everything!

what we do

Work planning:

We agree on an individual plan for overflights depending on the area of ​​the land bank and cultivated crops. The selection of areas of interest on the sections can be carried out both in advance and during the flight in real time. The plan is a calendar with a flight schedule for each field of the company throughout the season

Execution of works:

Our experts take aerial photos and videos of the fields specified by your specialist. Shooting can be carried out from a height of 2 m to 300 m above the surface of the field. In the process of shooting, we collect both photo and video material in the agreed flyover format.


the main source of information is video material lasting from 3 to 10 minutes on 1 field, with a visual display of the state of the field, as well as from 4 to 10 pictures with a general panorama of the field and macro photography of problem areas. All received material is integrated into the client's agricultural production management system or uploaded to cloud services , it is also possible to view the received material immediately after the flights.

Promptness of providing results:

All reporting material is available to the client on hard media immediately after departure.

Data is uploaded to cloud services or to the management system of the agricultural enterprise within 24 hours


up to 5000 ha/day per crew of operators.

Number of departures:

up to 8 times throughout the season for each field in the most important plant development phases for the company

Your benefit

Control of all technological operations on your fields

Timely detection of problem areas for decision-making and the possibility of its implementation

Increasing the level of security of your enterprise

  • you will always see the state of your fields;
  • all technological operations are under your control;
  • you will never miss problem areas;
  • your security service is always ready;
  • we cover large areas in a short time, while maintaining the quality of the work performed;

Thanks to photo and video monitoring of fields, you can always strengthen control over the work of your enterprise, and as a result, it will lower your costs and increase profits.