About the service

Remote scanning of fields in combination with ground control measurements allows accurate measurement of field sizes, areas, and heights, taking into account distorting factors, such as terrain, power line supports, roads, and others. Field measurement data allow you to clarify cadastral data about fields and determine the exact amount of costs for processing fields (seed material, fertilizers, fuel, operating time). Recommendations: It is desirable to carry out measurement work every time after changing (expanding/reducing) the land bank of the enterprise, as well as when changing the division of the field into several crops.

what we do

Work planning:

After receiving the sample coordinates of the contour of the field (fields) from the customer, an individual plan for aerial scanning is agreed, taking into account the area, the location of the object (objects) and the weather.

Execution of works:

Our flight team goes to the object and conducts registration of ground control points and aerial scanning of the field. These scans are transferred to our data processing specialists.


The results of survey work are provided in the form of contours with geographic coordinates in shp format, as well as in the form of a report in PDF format, in which the area of ​​objects is indicated. The data is provided in the coordinate system used by the enterprise, ready to use.

Promptness of providing results:

Cards will be ready 48 hours after scanning.


One flight team can scan up to 3,000 hectares per day. The combined capacity of DroneUA flight teams exceeds 10,000 hectares per week

Data Type:

Orthophoto plan, relief model, surface model, exact contours of your plots, map of sown plots


Up to 3 cm.

Your benefit

Accurate planning - Your budgets will correspond to the actual land bank being processed, not the information in the plan. This will allow you to save on costs.

The Basics of Precision Farming - You have all the basic information you need to implement precision farming technologies in your business.

Accurate data - Understanding the situation with your land bank and the legal support of DroneUA specialists will save you from problems when processing or optimizing the land bank.

Thanks to the measurement of the fields, you will be able to lay a solid foundation for working with the entire land bank and protect yourself from the risks of losing acreage.