At DroneUA, they know how to carry out inspections of infrastructure facilities with the highest possible quality . Our own staff of pilots allows us to perform even the most difficult jobs in the shortest possible time and experienced GIS specialists process the received data. Jobs, transport, depreciation of equipment - we take care of all these issues. We provide the possibility of obtaining information from drones , which gives the most accurate result to your enterprise. DroneUA is the leader of the drone market in Ukraine. Efficiency - first of all! Become our clients and partners!

Basic services

Traditional methods of conducting inspections in the field of infrastructure significantly reduce the efficiency of work, the accuracy of the results obtained, and safety. The use of UAVs is much cheaper, more efficient and less time-consuming, since there is no longer a need to turn off the equipment, expose employees to risks, and obtain various agreements and permits.

Monitoring of transport infrastructure objects

Drones help to quickly and accurately collect data from areas of critical infrastructure. Assess the condition of roads, highways, bridges, tunnels and other objects. High load, constant effects of the environment and natural erosion make movement difficult and can be the cause of a disaster. Use unmanned technologies to reduce maintenance and repair costs. Drones make it possible to quickly determine the scope of work, problem areas and eliminate defects in the shortest possible time, while ensuring the safety of work crews and road users.

Inspection of factories and factories

Unmanned technologies help to safely and quickly conduct an inspection of chimneys, boilers, hard-to-reach communications, as well as conduct an inventory of warehouse stocks or patrol important strategic objects of the enterprise. Timely troubleshooting and conducting scheduled inspections with the help of a drone reduce labor costs, reduce downtime and significantly save the budget for repair work, and scheduled flights for stock inventory or perimeter patrol will ensure a high level of safety at the enterprise

Inspections of sea ports

Global transport and logistics companies are already using unmanned technologies in their ports. Drones help control stocks and carry out inventory, monitoring, control cargo and traffic, help detect breakdowns and malfunctions of lifting cranes, docks, buoys, provide inspection of arriving ships, tankers and coastal areas. They control safety, including airspace. One trained person is enough to control the drone, which significantly saves resources and time and helps to obtain comprehensive and critically important data.

Monitoring of engineering communications

Examination of networks of engineering communications using various sensors allows timely detection of malfunctions and prevention of interruptions in the work of utility services. Tonnaeplovisorny surveying from a drone is intended to ensure the safety of pipelines, to identify places of possible leaks or problem areas, unauthorized connection. This diagnostics provides an accurate display of the state of heating systems without taking them out of service. The use of drones makes it possible to obtain a large amount of information about hard-to-reach and long-distance objects in a short time, which makes it possible to carry out such inspections more often, to ensure the smooth operation of pipelines and avert emergency situations. At the same time, the costs of drone use services are significantly less than the costs of accident elimination.

Inspections for the railway industry

Railways are a vital part of the transport infrastructure. The occurrence of any problems must be avoided through early detection and preventive maintenance, in order to avoid damage, derailment of trains and theft of goods. Drones help to avoid and minimize all risks in the early stages of malfunctions. They provide digital 3d models for transport infrastructure, covering a wide range of needs from functionality assessment to comprehensive data storage for future comparative analysis and forecasts in the context of maintenance and repair work. In the event of an emergency, corrective decisions based on information gathered from unmanned devices will help effectively prevent the problem

Inspection of city infrastructure facilities

Drones can be used as a mechanism for collecting high-quality and accurate data about various infrastructure objects and critical infrastructure objects. City infrastructure objects - stadiums, shopping centers, airports, sports facilities, water parks are subject to regular inspection and inspection of their technical condition. These objects are subject to the influence of an aggressive external environment and intensive operation, and due to complex structures, timely inspection is not an easy task. Drones help to obtain information about the condition of coatings in the most difficult-to-reach areas.