The Drone.UA company will provide a full range of services for real estate and architecture . Our team will help in the shortest possible time to complete any amount of work, be it monitoring the development of the project, creating 3D models of the territory or filming promotional materials. We use a ton of time-tested technologies and state-of-the-art software. This allows us to quickly and efficiently perform even the most complex and time-consuming tasks of our clients.

Drone.UA is a team of experts with international experience in the use of advanced technologies, we are one of the TOP 20 most innovative companies in Ukraine according to Forbes . We will be happy to share our experience with you!

Drone.UA offers a wide range of services for the real estate market:

Creation of digital 3d models of objects

We create digital 3-d models of objects not only for visual visualization, but also for measuring work, monitoring deformations of buildings and constructions, etc., depending on the technical task.

Creation of interactive panoramas

They can be used for various purposes: for simulating views from windows, creating virtual tours for promos.

Models for the reconstruction of facades

Using special programs, we can recreate a 2d image of a facade or a 3d model of a building subject to reconstruction in the smallest detail. Such a model will greatly simplify the process of restoring the former appearance of the structure.

Author supervision

The technology allows tracking of construction progress by the customer, who has constant access to the construction timeline.

Estimation of heat losses

A thermal imaging survey allows you to identify places of heat loss, as well as their degree of intensity.

Protective functions

With the help of drones, you can constantly monitor the territory of the object, which greatly simplifies security.