AgroCares technology is a revolution in soil laboratory diagnostics

The revolution in soil testing is now on the Ukrainian market
Farmers strive to optimize yields. Therefore, they need to know more information about soils. Previously, this process was difficult, expensive and slow.

Innovative Ag-Tech services

Now, with Ag-Tech's revolutionary new soil analysis and monitoring services, you can perform soil analysis for farmers quickly, easily and affordably.

Innovative analysis and monitoring of soil fertility

With solutions from AgroCares, farmers, distributors and agricultural consultants can analyze the soil faster, more often and at an affordable price.

Thanks to sensor technologies and prediction models built on the basis of a global soil database,

our compact Lab-in-a-Box laboratory determines the content of macro and microelements of a sample in just 2 hours,

Scanner from AgroCares – monitor the main soil parameters directly in the field in real time.

Soil testing and monitoring has never been easier!
With the package services of the AgroCares scanner, you can test and monitor the condition of the soil much more often. This solution will make it possible to apply fertilizers in a timely manner and in the right places, which will improve the development of crops and, finally, get a high yield.

The scanner is fast and easy to use!

Our device and mobile apps are simple. They are based on the latest big data solution. By paying an annual fee, you will get free access to our database and the ability to make an unlimited number of scans.

In just 10 minutes, you will receive information about the condition of the soil on your mobile phone.

Scanner for soil and feed analysis

Choose the most convenient application for your business. The following applications are currently available:

Liming - information on organic matter, acidity, clay content, GPS location and local recommendation for liming.

Manager (data) – information on the content of organic matter, N, P, K, ph, GPS location, electrical conductivity and soil temperature.

Adviser (fertilizer data and recommendations) - NPK, including a fertilizer plan for the selected crop.

Services under your brand - add an individual list of crops, fertilizers and choose your own design.

How does it work?

Scan the soil in your client's field, download the data to your phone from the database, receive a report on the condition of the soil and recommendations for everything in 10 minutes.

Advise your customers on optimizing yields right in the field

Why should you buy a soil scanner?

Endless possibilities

Our device and mobile applications are easy to use. They are based on a revolutionary big data solution. Future programs are very easy to add.

Therefore, the possibilities are endless!

The best scientists

The soil scanner was developed by world-renowned scientists from Wageningen, the Netherlands. In addition to soil analysis, our scientists are developing new areas of leaf and fodder analysis, etc.

Award-winning product

The soil scanner has won 10+ national and international awards, including the Accenture Innovation Award and the Red dot Design Award.

Noted in national and international media

More than 30 national and international publications have published articles about the soil scanner. In particular, National Geographic

It is based on the latest technologies

Use the tools of the future for precision farming NOW!

In real time

Soil monitoring in real time

Fast results

Get a soil condition report in just 10 minutes


Use at all stages of plant development


Unlimited number of soil scans

Easy to use

Mobile application with scan tips