About the service

Regular monitoring of thousands of hectares is difficult for the owners of agricultural enterprises, and the management needs a convenient data display format, with a statistical basis, reflecting problem areas that require urgent attention. Visual field maps are the most simple and clear application of UAVs in agriculture. This is an image of the field in normal colors, which allows you to consider the state of the sowing, assess the heterogeneity of the field and identify characteristic problem areas. NDVI maps are the result of scanning in the visible and near-infrared spectral range (NIR), in which differences in plant condition are better seen. NDVI maps allow you to detect differences in the condition of plants that are not visually visible.

what we do

Work planning:

After receiving the coordinates of the contour of the field (fields) from the customer, an individual plan for aerial scanning is agreed upon, taking into account the area and location of the object (objects), the phase of culture development and the weather.

Execution of works:

Our flight team goes to the facility and conducts an aerial scan of the field. These scans are transferred to our specialists, who perform data processing and form a visible and NDVI map of the field


The field visible map and NDVI map are provided in geotagged digital graphic formats such as geoTIF and KMZ. In addition, a report on the work carried out in PDF format is provided. Upon agreement with the customer, the results can be provided in other formats, such as JPG, SHP and others.

Promptness of providing results:

Cards will be ready 48 hours after scanning

Recommendations for use:

It is recommended to scan at least once in each phase of culture development


One flight team can scan up to 3,000 hectares per day.

Number of departures:

up to 5 times throughout the season for each field in the most important plant development phases for the enterprise

Your benefit

  • Control - Control of all technological operations on your fields
  • Identification of problems - Timely identification of problem areas for decision-making and the possibility of its implementation
  • Security - Increasing the level of security of your enterprise
  • Accuracy - The ability to accurately locate problem areas and calculate their sizes