Drones eliminate fires along with DSNS

September 13, 2023
Дрони ліквідують пожежі разом з ДСНС
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DroneUA took part in exercises to prevent and eliminate the consequences of forest fires on the territory of the Mykyl Forestry of the communal enterprise "Darnytsia Forest Park Management".

On April 30, joint demonstration exercises were held to prevent and eliminate the consequences of emergency situations caused by forest fires in the Darnytsia district.

The event was attended by representatives of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv, the Kyiv City State Administration, the Darnytsia District State Administration, communal enterprises and associations, the medical service, the Red Cross Society of Ukraine, and the National Police of Ukraine.

According to the tactical plan, a fire was discovered on the territory of the forest massif, which arose as a result of making a bonfire in an unauthorized place.

DroneUA supported rescuers from the sky by conducting aerial reconnaissance and broadcasting data directly to the command headquarters for operational decisions on firefighting and airspace control.

Two industrial unmanned platforms were involved in the training – Matrice 300 RTK with thermal imaging camera Zenmuse H20T and Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. Drones not only provided the collection of visual and thermal data from the scene of the fire for quick decision-making, but also helped to identify the exact location of the victims in the forest.

Due to the fact that the Matrice 300 RTK in a complex with the Zenmuse H20T was able to cover a large area, the emergency services received uninterrupted high-quality data about the direction and speed of fire spread. Moreover, the drone can collect information from a distance of up to 8 kilometers, providing stable monitoring of emergency situations and searching for people in high-risk areas.

The new unmanned industrial platform Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced impressed rescuers with its compactness and efficiency. The drone continuously transmitted thermal and visual data to the operational headquarters and detected the source of the fire much faster than the operator on the tower, thereby significantly speeding up the elimination of the fire. And the integration of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced with a loudspeaker and a searchlight helped rescuers convey the necessary information to the victims and find them even in conditions of limited visibility due to smoke.

At the same time, the airspace was monitored by the Aeroscope station from DroneUA, which makes it possible to read data from the existing communication line between the drone and the control panel within a radius of 35-40 km for monitoring and detecting possible violations of the use of unmanned equipment. In the event of a violation of the perimeter of the protected territory, the system provides law enforcement and control bodies with all the necessary information to perform operational actions.

The test of preparedness for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations was successful. The coordination of the work of the rapid response services in the complex with the work of drones showed high efficiency, as a result of which the fire was eliminated, and the victims were found and rescued.

Matrix 300 RTK
Zenmuse H20T
Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced
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