Agribusiness does not stop: DroneUA became a participant in the OK Agro business conference

August 29, 2023
Агробізнес не зупиняється: DroneUA став учасником бізнес-конференції OK Agro
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Recently, DroneUA became one of the participants of the largest agrarian business conference Ok Agro 2022. On November 17, agribusiness leaders gathered at the event to share the experience of doing business in the conditions of the 2022 season, to tell how the industry managed to survive, and what the next season will be like for agricultural producers.

Despite the difficult situation, Ukraine in 2022 has become a key European market in terms of the number and pace of integration of sprayer drones in agriculture. Today, the market has more than 100 service teams, providing agricultural drone services throughout Ukraine. Considering the significant shortage and the total saving of resources, drones have become an indispensable solution for processing crops. Even despite the difficult conditions of the season, the demand for services for the introduction of PPE by agricultural drones remained at a high level. The next season will continue the growing dynamics of the use of robotics in agriculture, in order to strengthen food security in the global market.

"The use of innovative technologies will help rebuild the country and bring it to a new, progressive level. The next year will not be easy for agribusiness and in fact everyone will be looking for solutions for resource saving and energy independence. And the restoration of all industries and spheres of citizens' lives will take place only with the use of high-tech solutions," commented Valery Yakovenko, co-founder of DroneUA.

Another trend that will grow next year is the transition to technologies that will ensure complete energy independence for agribusiness. DroneUA can already assess the power of this sector, given the growing demand for EcoFlow portable charging stations and EcoFlow Power Kits integrated solutions.

During the conference, the most innovative technologies in the direction of energy independence and agriculture were presented at the DroneUA stand. In particular, participants could familiarize themselves with the products of the EcoFlow brand, learn all about the key characteristics of the brand's portable charging stations and the difference between home and business stations.

Special attention was also paid to modern solutions for agriculture. During the conference, DroneUA showed visitors drones for agriculture from the world-famous manufacturer XAG. Among them is the largest agricultural drone XAG P100 in two variations: for spraying and spreading fertilizers. The Agrodrone has an interchangeable functional body, which allows farmers to separate the flying platform and the platform for different tasks, such as precision spraying and spreading right in the field.

In recent years, the market of agricultural drones has developed dynamically. Agricultural producers are increasingly changing their farming model in favor of service. In this regard, one of DroneUA's exhibits was the FarmFleet platform - an innovative AgTech startup developed in wartime. With the help of FarmFleet, agricultural producers and service teams can find orders or executors for them and plan the entire cycle of agrochemical work online.

The dynamic program of the event and communication with the participants once again convinced everyone that agribusiness is precisely that progressive industry that does not stop for a moment. The demonstration of new products of technological and agrochemical brands shows that every year more and more new solutions appear on the market, which actively help to increase the efficiency of enterprises and make Ukraine a world leader in agricultural production.

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DroneUA is an international system integrator of unmanned solutions and robotics.

On the market of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, the DroneUA group of companies is the largest importer and distributor of leading drone manufacturers in the world and represents technological solutions from the brands XAG, EcoFlow, Pix4D, Parrot, Chasing, DroneDeploy, AgroCares and others.

The group of companies has its own engineering, production and service divisions, as well as an open data processing center. Technological solutions presented by DroneUA are used on more than 4 million hectares of cultivated areas of Ukraine. According to the results of the 2021 and 2022 agricultural seasons, more than 2.2 million hectares were protected with drone sprayers from DroneUA.

DroneUA is among the top three most innovative businesses in the agricultural sector of Ukraine according to FORBES and among the twenty most innovative enterprises of Ukraine.

The group of companies continues to expand the list of technological brands that it presents on the Ukrainian market, and is active in agriculture, the oil and gas industry, as well as in the fields of energy, geodesy and topography.

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