Dron "on a leash": a new solution to increase the efficiency of UAVs

September 28, 2023
Дрон «на прив'язі»: нове рішення для підвищення ефективності БПЛА
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At the beginning of February, the Drone.UA team announces the emergence of new devices to increase the productivity of drones - ground power stations from Elistair. And while there are only a few weeks left before the presentation, we would like to introduce you a little to this original technical solution.

No one will dispute that a drone is one of the best tools for monitoring and surveillance. However, what to do if the observation needs to be carried out without moving in space and for longer than 25-30 minutes, the batteries need to be changed every half hour not by hand, and there is no possibility or feasibility of installing a camera? Elistair provided an original way out of the situation - portable stations Safe-T Tether and Ligh-T Tether, which significantly expand the capabilities of the equipment, performing the function of energy supply.

The drones are tethered to these stations by a powerful cable that not only maintains uninterrupted operation, but also transmits data in cases where other types of signals may be blocked. The stations themselves operate thanks to generators or from the network.

The main advantages of this solution:

Stability. The drone can remain in the air as long as the user needs. This improves monitoring and expands the use of drones.
Increasing the boundaries of the view. At an operating altitude of 50 to 100 m, tethered drones can provide a wide field of observation.
Safety. Elistair technologies ensure the safe operation of drones through a fully controlled and physically protected system. This is especially important for crowded places where the drone can pose various types of threats to humans during flight.
Functionality and portability. The stations are very light and easy to operate in the field, easy to transport and quickly put into working condition.
Obtain quality data under any circumstances. The user receives 4K video streaming using a durable cable to which the drone is attached.
Concentration of attention. Thanks to the fixed position, the operator does not need to be distracted by the moments of controlling the drone, but focus only on the most important things - monitoring, evaluation, control.
The stations are compatible with most drones from different manufacturers, including a number of DJI models (Inspire, M100, M 600, M200 series).
Safe-T is designed to be used with commercial, more powerful drones, while Ligh-T is ideal for smaller UAVs.

The compact Safe-T module integrates effortlessly with the UAV and allows you to switch from tethered to battery-powered flight if necessary. In addition, this installation is designed to use drone payloads in the form of various cameras, thermal imagers, etc. The Safe-T cable can withstand a traction load of over 150 kg and provides high-quality and uninterrupted data transmission at speeds of up to 200 Mbit/s. The system has a self-monitoring function and instantly responds to any anomalies. The built-in Wi-Fi module transmits information about its status to the Elistair T-Monitor application installed on a tablet or PC, where the operator monitors the progress of the mission. Tests have proven the reliability and durability of this base and the elimination of malfunctions associated with software, the drone getting tangled in the cable or its wear and tear.

Ligh-T is popular among police officers and first responders. It is small-sized and ready to work in a matter of seconds and does not require any special conditions. This portable base is designed for "hot spots" where speed, strength and reliability become key factors for completing assigned tasks (IP43 housing protection). Weighing 12 kg, it is very easy to carry in your hand or backpack. To operate, you only need one operator who does not need training - everything is intuitive and simple. The manual winch helps to unwind the cable quickly and easily.

These ground bases are in demand in 40 countries around the world and are applicable to many areas of human activity including defense and communications, for emergency response and rescue services, for maintaining civil order and surveillance of crowded places, temporary security and surveillance of places special purpose, to control traffic, etc.

Successful application examples

French police used Ligh-T to monitor one of the concerts. Thanks to this, the drone flight lasted several hours and helped control the perimeter of the arena, and the police were not distracted by changing batteries. Thus, control was carried out continuously within a radius of 1.5 km. According to the police, this solution is very effective, it reduces the time for making decisions and makes it possible to make them more correct. Also, the use of the “drone + base” complex helped control traffic jams and reduce their duration by 45 minutes. and even track down a person wanted for public drunkenness.

Mobile operator Vodafone in Spain tested the Safe-T station to test communications. Thanks to its use, the drone was able to spend more than a day in the air at 80 m and collect the necessary information to assess the quality of communication.

The American telecommunications company AT&T had a similar experience, which tested a “tethered” drone, which after takeoff was supposed to serve as a cellular communication station.

In Ukraine, units of the State Emergency Service and the police have already shown interest in these devices. And this is just the beginning!

The first presentation of Elistar Safe-T systems in Ukraine from DroneUA will take place on February 6 at 16-00 at Zheleznodorozhnoe Shosse 2a. Registration is required.

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