We invite you to the practical conference "Desication with agricultural drones - a hidden reserve for financial growth and saving resources"

August 28, 2023
Запрошуємо на практичну конференцію «Десикація агродронами – прихований резерв для фінансового росту та економії ресурсів»
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We invite our partners, customers and agricultural producers to join the practical conference "Desication with agricultural drones - a hidden reserve for financial growth and saving resources", which will be held on August 15 from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Kyiv region. Participation is free with prior registration.

The economic and market situation of 2023 dictates new rules for successful agribusiness, forces to maneuver, become more flexible and open to changes.

The sunflower harvest is about to begin, and the main task of agricultural producers is to obtain the maximum harvest of the best quality in order to sell it at the highest price. In harvesting one of the strategically important crops on the global agricultural market - sunflower, the critical factor is the humidity level. After all, excessive seed moisture entails additional production costs for drying and processing. This can be avoided by desiccation.

Agrodrones are an indispensable tool for carrying out desiccation without losses due to trampling, with which mechanical damage to crops during processing is zero. In addition, unmanned machinery for agriculture has a much lower price than self-propelled, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the general economy of the enterprise and prevent the owner from getting stuck in debt.

We are gathering experienced practitioners and leading experts at the practical conference "Desication with agricultural drones - a hidden reserve for financial growth and saving resources", where we will tell you how to get the maximum effect from the desiccation of sunflowers with the use of sprayer drones and make a profit in 2023.

The basis of the new rules of the game on the agricultural market today is quite simple - optimization of production, which involves a radical saving of resources while maintaining and improving the quality of the main agricultural operations. This is the only way to pay off all material and technical means and make a profit in the conditions of 2023. It can be implemented quickly and without burdensome investment costs thanks to the use of modern tools with the use of innovative technologies that are affordable and easy to use, those tools that can pay for themselves and demonstrate a positive effect in one season.

Agricultural drones are just such a tool, which have already proven their effectiveness on the domestic and global markets and have become indispensable assistants during sowing and caring for various crops. This robotics allows not only to increase the accuracy of work, but also to reduce production costs by more than half and ensure the economic stability of farms under any conditions.

During the event, together with experts in the agricultural industry, we will consider:

✔️The perspective of sunflower as a strategically important crop on the world market and the importance of preserving the crop in order to increase the economic stability of the country.

✔️Peculiarities of sunflower ripening: how the humidity level changes and affects the result. Optimal time and conditions for desiccation.

✔️Desication in terms of sunflower cultivation technology. Economic and technological validity.

✔️ Application of desiccants by agrodrones. Practical recommendations for applying drugs by spraying drones.

✔️Practical experience of using agrodrones during desiccation.

✔️Optimization of desiccation due to the use of agrodrones, adaptation of desiccants to UMO technology.

✔️Additional profit from the use of agricultural drones. Harvesting sunflower without losses

During the practical part of the event, a demonstration of the ecosystem of XAG solutions awaits you in the field:

✔️ agrodrones XAG V40 and XAG P100: overview of the working set, features of operation: creation of a mission, refueling of solutions and bulk, introduction, replacement and charging of batteries, etc.

✔️autopilot XAG APC1 AutoPilot Console in operation: an overview of the equipment, its advantages, the accuracy of driving a self-propelled machine.

✔️ XAG M500 XMission series drone.

✔️ IoT agricultural monitoring systems. Indicators: wind strength, temperature, humidity, etc.

Attending the event is free with prior registration.

Join the event and get a maximum of useful and exclusive information for practical application!

Information about the exact location and time of the event will be sent to each participant personally the day before, for security reasons.
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