A conversation about the energy-independent future of Ukraine - "Big meeting of DroneUA partners"

September 08, 2023
Розмова про енергонезалежне майбутнє України – “Велика зустріч партнерів DroneUA”
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The first offline meeting dedicated to energy independence technologies and the ecosystem of partners was very dynamic, emotional and extremely professional! Yesterday, July 7, the "Great meeting of DroneUA partners: transformation, future partnerships, energy independence" took place.

Our event brought together experts of the energy market of Ukraine, business partners, including leading trade networks, and representatives of all-Ukrainian and specialized media on one platform. In the program, along with expert and visionary discussions, there was a practical demonstration of ecosystem solutions of the EcoFlow brand. And the main highlight of the presentation was that our entire location was powered only by portable charging stations, demonstrating that energy independence is no longer the future, but our daily reality!

In a circle of like-minded people, adherents of energy independence, we discussed the future of Ukraine, as one of the leading states in the system of the new energy system of Europe. Renewable energy is fast, ecological, cheaper and becomes more and more accessible and open to consumers every year. However, there are still problems on the way, and therefore it is important now, especially in conditions of uncertainty, to maintain a close dialogue between the state and market participants. Such meetings as the "Great Meeting of Partners" are designed to support such a dialogue and generate solutions for development.

Already in 2021, realizing the extreme importance and possibilities of innovative solutions in the field of energy independence, DroneUA started working with the technologies of portable power storage stations EcoFlow. Now EcoFlow is a whole ecosystem of solutions for energy independence, and almost every month the manufacturer presents its new products for this purpose. In testing and integrating these solutions, Ukraine occupies a leading position in the world, driving the market and setting trends.

As a system integrator, DroneUA forms a network of partners around high technologies on the territory of Ukraine. These are some of the largest chains in their segment: Epicenter K, IBIS, STORGOM, Motostuff, Pipl.ua, as well as medium and small retail stores that want to offer their customers the best innovative solutions.

The market is developing very dynamically and it has long felt the need to have system tools not only for generating, but also for storing electricity. In addition, thanks to such technologies, it is possible to significantly increase the efficiency of green electricity production: receiving it as much as possible all the time, and using and giving it as needed. We predict that the energy generation and storage system will become a promising and profitable business in the next 3-5 years.

"The solutions that we thought were the future are already here. Solutions that allow you to be energy-independent and mobile are our reality, it is something that is already available to every consumer. For this purpose, we formed a network of partners and continue to do so. After all, we are always looking for new opportunities for collaborations. A powerful system of partners is able to cover demand at various levels: consumer, business, community. We see such opportunities, we work every day in order to scale them", - DroneUA co-founder Valery Yakovenko.

The meeting took place at a location that was fully powered by previously accumulated energy and by the energy of solar panels. All household appliances and power tools, all technical support were connected thanks to EcoFlow stations. In the space of energy independence, the guests were able to see for themselves: the possibilities of EcoFlow are very wide and there are already solutions for the most diverse requests.

We are grateful to all the guests who took the time to visit the "Great Meeting". These include trade partners, experts, representatives of state institutions, and media partners. The synergy of such meetings is able to find answers to strategic questions and charge for new initiatives. Your support in this difficult time is very valuable to us!

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DroneUA is an international system integrator of unmanned solutions and robotics.

On the market of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, the DroneUA group of companies is the largest importer and distributor of leading drone manufacturers in the world and represents technological solutions from the brands XAG, EcoFlow, Pix4D, Parrot, Chasing, DroneDeploy, AgroCares and others.

The group of companies has its own engineering, production and service divisions, as well as an open data processing center. Technological solutions presented by DroneUA are used on more than 4 million hectares of cultivated areas of Ukraine. According to the results of the 2021 and 2022 agricultural seasons, more than 2.2 million hectares were protected with drone sprayers from DroneUA.

DroneUA is among the top three most innovative businesses in the agricultural sector of Ukraine according to FORBES and among the twenty most innovative enterprises of Ukraine.

The group of companies continues to expand the list of technological brands that it presents on the Ukrainian market, and is active in agriculture, the oil and gas industry, as well as in the fields of energy, geodesy and topography.

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