DroneUA at the Discover the Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Ecosystem event: Discussion of the prospects of hydrogen energy in Ukraine

June 21, 2024
DroneUA на події Discover the Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Ecosystem: обговорення перспектив водневої енергетики в Україні
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The world is searching for alternative sources of energy capable of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and countries that concentrate the lion's share of resources on their territories. It is time to find new ways of providing energy to the population, business, and industry, which can maintain the balance of utility and safety, especially focusing on energy freedom. The creation and expansion of ecosystems of solutions for alternative energy supply is the daily activity of DroneUA. Being in the daily search for new solutions to strengthen Ukraine's energy independence, DroneUA joined the event dedicated to hydrogen energy - Discover the Mid-Atlantic Clean Hydrogen Ecosystem, held on June 20-21, 2024, in the USA.

The event became an expert platform for creating and strengthening collaborations between state structures, universities, and representatives of large and small businesses in the field of energy security. Valery Yakovenko, CEO and managing partner of DroneUA, shared Ukraine's current experience in the implementation of alternative energy sources in all spheres of life.


The future of energy lies in stability, sustainability, and the latest technologies that the world is seeing for the first time. Today, we were present at events dedicated to hydrogen energy, not only as an addition to natural gas but also as an independent energy carrier. The level of cooperation and mutual desire of representatives of various industries to exchange experience and technologies, as well as flexibility in the field that is just being created, is impressive. Undoubtedly, this is the way to create new products, scale businesses, and develop the latest power generation systems," emphasized Valery Yakovenko.

Scientists agree that hydrogen is the most common chemical element, which can become not only a qualitatively better alternative to traditional fuel sources but also significantly reduce the carbon footprint, one of humanity's urgent global problems. Therefore, the use of hydrogen energy becomes the key to a stable energy situation not only in Ukraine but also throughout the world.


Directions in the latest hydrogen energy industry can be useful for Ukraine from the point of view of decentralization of energy generation, construction of new generation smart systems, and emphasis on future technologies. This is important when we are talking about rebuilding the Ukrainian energy system. Of all possible meetings within the framework of the event, the most impressive were with representatives of the Tri-State Economic Development Office (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware), various organizations, and associations. Especially inspiring were the meetings with established businesses that have achieved significant scale in their more than 10-year history. They started small - a few people who believed in technology, and today they can boast of government contracts and support at the level of defense initiatives and sustainable development," concluded the managing partner of DroneUA.

Today, DroneUA continues to search for and research new technologies for generating and saving electricity, as well as improving Ukraine's energy security level. Current meetings, concluded partnerships, and the construction and implementation of plans, which include the research of hydrogen electricity technologies as a possible new direction for strengthening the Ukrainian energy ecosystem, are among the important directions of the company's daily activities.


DroneUA would like to thank the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, the New Jersey and Delaware Economic Development Offices, especially the University of Delaware's Science, Technology, and Advanced Research Campus (STAR Campus), and DuPont for their invaluable experience and joint expert discussions.

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