Drones in a rescue operation on the water

September 13, 2023
Дрони в рятувальній операції на воді
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DroneUA took part in the organization and training of a search and rescue operation in the event of an ice slide or flood.

On March 12, in the park "Natalka" on the street. Obolonskaya embankment in the city of Kyiv, a demonstration exercise was held with the management bodies and civil defense forces of the territorial subsystem of the city of Kyiv of the unified state system of civil defense regarding the performance of tasks during spring ice drifts and floods.

Units of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the municipal emergency and rescue service "Kyiv Rescue Service", the Kyiv City Rescue Service, the Kyiv Garrison, the Kyiv Municipal Emergency and Rescue Service, the Center for Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine of the City of Kyiv, and the Kyiv City Organization of the Red Cross Society were involved. of Ukraine and the integrator of unmanned solutions DroneUA.

According to the tactical design of the exercises, part of the territory of the Obolon District was flooded. 7 training sites were organized, each of which played out a separate conditional situation for a certain service.

DroneUA provided support for the search and rescue operation from the air, broadcasting data from the drones directly to the command headquarters for detailed monitoring and making operational decisions on the water and airspace control.

Two industrial unmanned platforms – Matrice 300 RTK with Zenmuse H20T payload and Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual – were involved in the rescue operation. They ensured the collection of visual and thermal data from the accident site for quick decision-making in an extreme situation and helped to determine the thermal signature and exact location of the victims in the water under the dense layer of ice.

Despite strong gusty winds of around 23 km/h, the Matrice 300 RTK in combination with the Zenmuse H20T thermal imaging camera completed the mission without a hitch. It worked for 50 minutes at a low temperature and allowed to collect data in high quality. The ip45 protection level allows the drone to fly even during strong wind and rain, and the battery heating makes it possible to fly even in 20-degree frost.

At the same time, the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual stayed in the air for 30 minutes, continuously outputting thermal imaging data to the operational headquarters. The drone supports integration with a loudspeaker and a spotlight. Thanks to this, rescuers can transmit the necessary information to the victims and find them even in conditions of difficult visibility and at night.

Airspace monitoring was carried out by the Aeroscope Mobile mobile station from DroneUA. This technology allows reading data from the existing communication line between the drone and the control panel within a radius of 35-40 km for monitoring and detecting possible violations of the use of unmanned equipment. In the event of a violation of the perimeter of the protected territory, the system provides law enforcement and control bodies with all the necessary information to perform operational actions.

The check of preparedness for the protection of the population in the event of an emergency was successful. The coordination of the work of rapid response services in combination with the work of drones showed high efficiency, reducing the time of search operations. As a result, all victims were found and rescued.

Matrix 300 RTK
Zenmuse L1
Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual
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