The EcoFlow Energy Day 2023 Forum: the market is moving towards the development of stationary energy-independent solutions.

October 23, 2023
Форум EcoFlow Energy Day 2023: ринок рухається в напрямку розвитку стаціонарних енергонезалежних рішень
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DroneUA Group, as the exclusive distributor of the EcoFlow brand, held the II Energy forum-presentation "EcoFlow Energy DAY 2023. Stationary solutions for energy independence of business and the private sector." During the event, there was a professional discussion of global energy industry trends, defining the role of EcoFlow equipment in transforming Ukraine's energy market, and unveiling opportunities for users of various scales.

Experts highlight the extremely high prospects for the use of stationary energy independence systems, and the energy cases presented by businesses are increasingly motivating the transition to individual energy supply.

The event took place on October 18 within the international exhibition ECOENERGY EXPO 2023 and brought together both current partners and representatives of businesses interested in cooperation. Along with professional communication, the Forum's program included a presentation of the ecosystem of EcoFlow's stationary energy independence systems, EcoFlow Power Kit, PowerStream, and a world novelty - the three-phase EcoFlow PowerOcean system!

Trends and scales of change. The EcoFlow ecosystem

In Ukraine, since the end of 2021, EcoFlow solutions practically cover over 70% of the portable solutions market. Today, more than 98 thousand Ukrainian families use EcoFlow equipment, and customer interest is only growing. Along with this, stationary solutions are attracting increasing attention, and the brand's availability of ecosystem solutions allows the customer to meet all segments of needs: from portable stations and solar panels to portable smart devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners, or lawn mowers. The list of high-tech solutions is growing rapidly, with 8 new products launched in 2023 alone, including two stationary autonomous power systems.

2023 novelty: EcoFlow PowerOcean three-phase energy independence system available in Ukraine

Within the framework of the forum, the three-phase EcoFlow PowerOcean system was presented to the market for the first time. The equipment warranty is 15 years, system capacity ranges from 5 to 45 kWh, power up to 10 W, ease of installation and operation make the system extremely interesting, especially for business representatives.


"The new three-phase EcoFlow PowerOcean system has a power capacity of up to 10 kW and a maximum capacity of 45 kWh. It's quick and simple to install. At the exhibition stand, we were able to assemble it in just 10 minutes. Its distinct feature is an 800V high-voltage battery with the capability for rapid energy conversion, and consequently, a higher efficiency ratio. With a full battery charge, the system can operate for three days with steady usage in a house or apartment, and with solar panels, it becomes maximally autonomous. Additionally, this system can feed excess energy back into the grid. The equipment comes with a 15-year warranty and is protected against weather conditions. When electricity disappears, the switch to the system happens within 20 milliseconds. Connection with the system is possible via smartphone from anywhere in the world," - says Serhii Silin, EcoFlow brand manager in Ukraine.

Energy technologies are changing business approaches

The transition of businesses, especially large ones, to individual energy supply in Ukraine has already begun. This year's blackouts and the European decarbonization strategy for 2050 have accelerated this process significantly. One of the first business cases for installing the Power Kit system was the main office of Henkel Ukraine, energizing the server room (as a critically important control point for IT infrastructure), followed by scaling the solution to two more factories in Eastern Ukraine.

Another example of national scale is the energy autonomy project for the national network of hypermarkets "Epicentr K." In January 2023, the company decided to equip the roofs of the stores with solar panels, and in April, it launched the first rooftop power station.


Prospects for the Ukrainian market and opportunities for partnership

"Currently, we have 6 MW from rooftop stations, encompassing 5 facilities. We've installed over 10,000 panels, allowing us to reduce our electricity consumption from the central grid by 40%", - shares Olena Androsovyche, Deputy Director of Electrical Engineering at LLC "Epicentr K." "Speaking of EcoFlow solutions, they are easy both in operation and installation. This is a key advantage for private customers. In a regular apartment, you can install two solar panels right on the balcony and generate your own energy. This is not only economically beneficial but also environmentally friendly. Considering Europe's decision to reduce CO2 emissions to 0% by 2050, the demand for eco-friendly technologies will grow. Therefore, prices will also increase, and it's necessary to implement energy independence technologies right now."

Legislative changes today are aimed at shaping a new business model for the energy market. Electricity is ceasing to be a monopolistic commodity, and users want not just to have access to a socket "here, now, and in the required amount," but also to have a choice of whom, where, and how to buy electricity, and even more so - to independently generate, consume, and even sell its surplus. So, in a few months, the market expects the launch of the Net billing mechanism.

"EcoFlow solutions allow you to be not just an active user, but also to become a producer of energy, have accumulations, and give them to the network. In my conviction, EcoFlow is moving faster than the market and offers solutions for the future," - Stanislav Ignatyev, advisor to the President's office on energy efficiency.


The DroneUA group of companies, together with partners and leading market experts, continues to build a strong foundation for the complete energy autonomy of users across various levels and sectors. The emphasis for the next season is the development of stationary energy independence systems. Such solutions provide the opportunity to meet the needs of the widest possible range of consumers: businesses, private households, and multi-apartment dwellings. Implementing systematic products in cooperation with other market participants allows for growth in both quality and quantity and scales energy-independent technologies, ensuring the country's energy security.




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