New drone “submariner”: What is the secret of M2?

September 28, 2023
Новий дрон-«підводник»: у чому секрет М2?
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TechnologiesDroneUA are constantly being improved – We become the first owners of the most valuable robotics technology solutions designed for business tasks. And here’s another one – drone designed for underwater reconnaissance work

The other day, the Chinese company CHASING, known for the production of underwater drones, of which DroneUA is an importer and distributor, presented its new solution in the United States at CES– The M2 drone isone of the world's most efficient industrial underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). This next-generation drone is equipped with eight motors, a stabilized digital camera capable of recording 4K video and 12-megapixel footage, and — LED lamps with a power of 4000 lumens. Thanks to these characteristics, with the help of M2 you can notice even the smallest details and features of the area under study while diving to a depth of up to 100 meters. It will become an indispensable assistant for rescuers, inspectors, scientists, engineers, etc. The drone is incredibly light and compact — Thanks to the aluminum casing, its weightdoes not exceed 5 kg. M2, a first for such devices, has a battery and a removable memory card, while remaining completely waterproof.

But perhaps the most important feature of this unit – This is a motor arrangement (in 8 directions) that gives the userthe ability to move in six directions with rotation and rotation. In addition, the so-called “depth lock” mode ensures stability of control.

You can install GoPro cameras or additional light sources in front and behind the drone. It can also be interfaced with laser measuring equipment, which is used to determine the depth of immersion or the presence of flaws, cracks, etc. in the objects under study.

Everything that was on the market before the appearance of the M2 can be called bulky, expensive to maintain and difficult to manage. Therefore, its creators are confident that, thanks to its characteristics and properties, this device will open new horizons for underwater research and will significantly help both business and some government agencies.

CHASING has also developed a new professional-grade remote control and E-Reel electronics that make the M2 much easier to use, insert and remove. Thus, E-Reel can automatically roll or unfold a 200-meter cable in just 2 minutes and up to 12 times per charge.

Very soon, thanks to our efforts, M2 will appear on the markets of Ukraine and Georgia, and you will be able to independently test and evaluate its effectiveness. By the way, in Ukraine, law enforcement agencies have already become interested in it, since this equipment is of interest for underwater research work. In addition, the first test tests are planned this spring at the port of Yuzhny in the Odessa region, and we, of course, will share their results.

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