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October 03, 2023
Допомога українським агродронам
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Ukrainian manufacturers of drones for agriculture should receive funding through programs to support Ukrainian mechanical engineering for the agricultural sector.

The corresponding bill was registered in the Verkhovna Rada on Wednesday, April 18, “On Amendments to the Law “On Stimulating the Development of Domestic Mechanical Engineering for the Agro-Industrial Complex” (No. 8275).

As part of the document, drones are included in the new version of the law in the list of agricultural equipment that is subject to subsidies.


To increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian agricultural production, the widespread use of new technologies based on scientific achievements in the field of information systems, automation of production processes and remote control methods is required. The problem for the introduction of innovative technologies is the reluctance of agricultural producers to switch to the use of innovative technology due to its high cost.

Why drones

One of the most rapidly developing areas in agricultural production is the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Relatively cheap and low-cost to operate, unmanned aerial vehicles are used to quickly assess the condition of fields and broadcast the received information to the user. In addition, they can be used not only for studying fields and identifying deviations in plant development, but also as equipment for local application of plant protection products and obtaining operational information about the status of technological operations and their quality. Today, the development of technologies for diagnosing and assessing the condition of plants using unmanned aerial vehicles is hampered by the lack of government support for the implementation of this technology.

What stage of the project

According to the initiator of the bill, President of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (UAK) Leonid Kozachenko, the bill does not require extensive discussion, it should be submitted to parliament out of turn, and considered at a meeting of the agrarian committee of the Verkhovna Rada in May.
What volumes? financing

The bill provides for compensation of up to 25% of the cost of equipment from the budget. The total amount of funding for the program to support Ukrainian mechanical engineering for the agro-industrial complex is 945 million hryvnia, out of more than 2 billion hryvnia from the state budget to support the agro-industrial complex

Which agrodrones will be compensated

It is expected that the list of Ukrainian unmanned equipment, the cost of which will be partially compensated to agricultural producers from the budget, will include equipment with a high degree of localization of production. The requirement for the percentage of production localization, as well as other factors and requirements for Ukrainian drone manufacturers will be announced after consideration of the bill in the Verkhovna Rada.

Who receives funding

Recipients of budget funds can be individuals and legal entities — entrepreneurs whose main activity is the supply of agricultural goods.

Who are the initiators of the process

Main stakeholders of the process — People's Deputy Kozachenko L.P., the Council of Entrepreneurs at the CMU, the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, the Expert and Media Hub "Industry 4.0", as well as the State Scientific Institution of the UkrNDIPVT named after. L. Pogorely. The bill was developed after a corresponding request from Meridian OJSC

The initiator of the bill is the President of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (UAK) Leonid Kozachenko.

The bill was signed by the following deputies: Leonid Kozachenko, Ivan Miroshnichenko, Alexey Skripnik, Petr Yurchyshyn, Nikolay Kucher, Alexey Mushak, Yuri Chizhmar.

How to get on the list of manufacturers of unmanned vehicles that will be compensated

By analogy with earlier processes, it is expected that after consideration of the relevant bill, a selection will be launched; during the selection, manufacturing plants will be able to send applications to include their products in such a list of equipment. As a result of reviewing applications and checking documents for compliance with the criteria, the commission will form an updated list of Ukrainian agricultural machinery and equipment, the cost of which will be partially compensated to agricultural producers from the budget. The expected composition of the commission is unknown.

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