Comparison of thermal imaging drones: anafi Thermal or Mavic 2 Dual?

September 28, 2023
Порівняння тепловізорних дронів: Anafi Thermal чи Mavic 2 Dual?
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Applications: Parrot ANAFI Thermal and DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. Who's the prettiest?

At the last stage, two identical products appeared on the market from the supplied virtual drones DJI and Parrot. Obidviye companies strive to create aerial photography that is accessible to a wide audience.

In December 2018, DJI introduced the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, an upgraded version of the Mavic 2 Enterprise with evenly distributed features, equipped with dual and thermal cameras.

Parrot is currently introducing the Anafi Thermal, a black, portable, skinless ANAFI series designed for the same needs.

Two drones with dual cameras can use the FLIR Lepton 3.5 miniature thermal imager. The presence of a thermal imager opens up new horizons in construction for everyday work, construction, and agriculture, among others. This infrared camera can operate in large modes and observe the thermal signal from -10° up to 400°C, which allows you to reduce the temperature at night, and the mind will increase, apparently, both from fog and fog.

Positive characteristics of DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual and Parrot Anafi Thermal

Both models are equipped with a thermal camera from FLIR, so the functionality of this camera is identical. However, due to the capability and ease of use of technology, a significant amount of time has to be spent with DJI and Parrot software, as well as skills from companies that are intuitive and easy to navigate.
Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual has a neckline of key transmitters with Parrot ANAFI Thermal . Initially, the quality of its price is 5 days less than that of its competitor, its range of approach is better, and to the point that the new one has several accessories in the package, but its operation remains hopeless. In addition, this drone is equipped with foldable chains without a pitch and a computer display. To obtain experimental data, you can skip the cuts and the possibility of using Parrot technology when it is re-encoded in the meantime. The Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual battery has self-heating functions that are activated automatically or manually, maintaining temperatures ranging from -10°C to -10°C. up to 6°C, while the charge level is more than 50%. This is an important power for minds that live in winter.

Parrot ANAFI Thermal drone protection is on the powerful sides, but they do not see the Mavic 2 Dual, and the remaining one can be avoided. What a shame, drones are equipped with some kind of warm sensor — in a small ANAFI Thermal chamber. On the right is that it has greater clarity, and is not associated with triple zooming – which is very important for search and combat operations. One of the most important characteristics – the maximum size of the camera, which allows you to fly over structures and look at them from below.

Prepare food and supplies. ANAFI Thermal is the cheapest among competitors and in its basic configuration can have two additional batteries, which increases the trivalency of its cost per year. And for a DJI battery you need to buy a battery.

Substitute back

In addition, in the dynamic ring without streamers with thermal equipment functions there are mixtures for both ANAFI Thermal and DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual. Applications for availability and expansion of the basic ANAFI Thermal package include the possibility of connecting price and quality and is an excellent option for customers focused on ongoing thermal service. In handheld mode, you can try to find in a matter of seconds, as well as the information needed to scale the minds, and also have a professional tool for monitoring and finding ideas.
The offering from DJI is travel-friendly, but versatile, providing triqualified operating time and unemployed functions that guarantee compliance with professional level requirements. Additional accessories for the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual (beacon, searchlight, gunner) will make it as safe as possible during operation.

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