Ukraine has become a world leader in the integration of XAG technologies into the agricultural sector

September 09, 2023
Україна стала світовим лідером з інтеграції технологій XAG у агросектор
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Ukraine and DroneUA became the winners of the first annual Award for foreign markets XAG-2021. DroneUA was awarded the Global Best Contribution Award for the greatest contribution to the global integration of UAV technologies in the agricultural sector. The award recognizes XAG partners for the highest performance in the integration of robotics technology in agriculture in all global markets. When determining the winner, both volumes and dynamics of market growth were taken into account.

The achievement of the Ukrainian sector is an impressive result: the XAG brand, which appeared on the world market only a year ago and was unknown neither to the general user nor to business, in 2021 managed to occupy a share of 60% of agricultural robotics in Ukraine. This award is a recognition of the fact that in this extremely short time, the deepest and most effective implementation of innovative technologies took place in Ukraine.

The rapid growth of farmers' interest and the development of the market is a merit not only of the company, but also of partners, like-minded people of DroneUA. Growth would be impossible without Ukrainian farmers' readiness for change and openness to completely new methods of farming. For Ukraine, this is a rapid movement towards world leadership in the field of agrotech, which makes it one of the leading players in the market for the introduction of innovations. We are already setting trends for countries where the market for agricultural drones and robotics is just emerging.

The main reason for the success of the brand's products on the world market is the quality of production, the innovativeness of technological solutions and the ecosystem approach, which radically changes the methods of conducting agribusiness. Resource saving, environmental friendliness, awareness of each technological operation makes it possible to immediately see the real result. Farmers value proven efficiency that works through reduced costs and increased yields. And XAG technologies guarantee this through every technological solution, not advertising or verbiage. The value of the product is formed due to the production and implementation of technologies that in real time help the country to become more efficient and technological.

The rapid development of drones in the agricultural sector is facilitated by the loyal and unregulated legislation of Ukraine on the use of air space. Absence of bureaucracy and openness to innovation allows us to implement technologies as soon as they become available on the market, to investigate effectiveness and conduct thorough training. Such liberalization is not yet available in the most developed countries of the world. The open position of Ukrainian officials creates an opportunity for the domestic market: from the active increase of service companies that provide services with spraying drones, to the development of business in the regions, the return of young people to agribusiness, and the growing prestige of employment in high-tech agribusiness.

It is worth noting that such achievements strengthen the strategic cooperation between Ukraine and China not only in the agricultural sector. Adoption of best practices and Ukraine's partnership with global technological giants opens up immeasurable prospects for strengthening the country's position at the international level.

DroneUA together with XAG aims to innovate the transformation of the oldest industry to usher in a new era of human development with affordable food in every corner of the Earth. And today's achievements are an important development milestone, which is the beginning of the creation of a significantly new agro-technological infrastructure that will change the world forever and make the existence of mankind the most comfortable in the entire history of the existence of civilizations.

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DroneUA is an international system integrator of unmanned solutions and robotics.

On the market of Ukraine and Eastern Europe, the DroneUA group of companies is the largest importer and distributor of leading drone manufacturers in the world and represents technological solutions from the brands XAG, EcoFlow, Pix4D, Parrot, Chasing, DroneDeploy, AgroCares and others.

The group of companies has its own engineering, production and service divisions, as well as an open data processing center. Technological solutions presented by DroneUA are used on more than 4 million hectares of cultivated areas of Ukraine. According to the results of the 2021 and 2022 agricultural seasons, more than 2.2 million hectares were protected with drone sprayers from DroneUA.

DroneUA is among the top three most innovative businesses in the agricultural sector of Ukraine according to FORBES and among the twenty most innovative enterprises of Ukraine.

The group of companies continues to expand the list of technological brands that it presents on the Ukrainian market, and is active in agriculture, the oil and gas industry, as well as in the fields of energy, geodesy and topography.

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